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Our Initiatives

Let's Re-Introduce the "West"
to Africa.

The playing field has changed since the West first introduced itself to Africa, starting in the 15th century. Since that time, bonds were created then broken, trust and the will of peoples violated. As the world has advanced through the era of globalization, this ever faulty foundation has also expanded in influence and impact.
The business climate, and indeed terms of business arrangements between the West and Africa, has been less than stellar deteriorating further as political upheavals spill over with rising emotions. The events unfolding in the media today reflect just how much things have fallen apart and the center can no longer hold. Yet, both the West and Africa are irreversibly connected, through commerce and cultural exchange. A resetting, rebooting of sorts, is occurring, and a reintroduction of the West to Africa, as partners with joint stake, is critical.

West (2) Africa is an initiative developed by Decision Gates Consulting to foster the establishment and furtherance of open and integrity-based (security) partnerships between Western World companies/entities and African governments, corporations, and peoples.
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Our Core Values

Our Goal

Optimum passenger facilitation through customized  security implementation

Our Vision

Fostering an environment where security provision is seamlessly woven into the fabric of air travel, elevating the security baseline without impeding passenger facilitation.

Our Mission

Providing complete and personalized solutions to intricate air-travel challenges

Our Strategy

  • 01

    Collect the needles:

    In collaboration with its clients, Decision Gates Consulting will initially identify what's working, then develop customized solutions factoring in any unique conditions and in consideration of industry standards.
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    Remove/Reduce the Haystack:

    We then identify and remove or greatly reduce obstacles and challenges preventing attainment of objectives. If requested by the client, we will monitor the system for deviations from the acceptable baseline.

Utilizing a combination of strategies, we navigate through a series of decision points or gates, arriving at the most ideal security and facilitation solution for our clients

More Services

For our International Clients

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    Developing and implementing Recognition Programs

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    Capacity Development

  • 03

    TSA/ECAC approved equipment procurement

  • 04

    Leadership Training

  • 05

    Airport Tours and visits


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